Portfolio Analytics & Tracking Platform For Expats

Portfolio analytics and tracking platform for expats in US, India & Singapore

About ScaleFinX

One stop platform for expats and international investors to track investments. We provide investment analytics and portfolio tracking software to make your personal finances easier to manage.

We believe analytics and data should not be limited to professional investors. They should be in the hands of everyone.

Track Investments Across Borders

Stop toggling between outdated bank apps, spreadsheets and brokerage apps. Connect all your international accounts or import your investment data in one place to make portfolio tracking easier.

Professional Analytics & Insights

Get actionable analytics, metrics and opportunities gathered from all your investments. Analyse your investments, avoid mistakes and improve portfolio returns by not leaving money on the table.

Designed By International Investors Like You

We design tools that we ourselves needed in our personal finance journey as expats. After experiencing a lack of options tailored to our needs, we decided to solve the issues faced by more people like us.

Completely Free, No Misaligned Incentives

Currently, we're 100% free, none of our features have a paywall.

We plan to charge a monthly subscription fee for premium features if you're happy with your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did you choose US, India & Singapore? Why not rest of the world?

Are you an investment advisor?

What is your long term vision?